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Hello, My Name is Richard Fox!

Richard Fox, highly motivated creative developer with an international client portfolio.

I launched my first business at 14 years old - a comic book store - which expanded to three major locations. Since that first foray into the business world as a teenager, I have launched numerous successful businesses covering a range of different industries including health care, IT, retail, and many other service-related industries. I have enjoyed multiple highly successful exits, with many of the businesses I helped to create remaining operational and prosperous decades later.

My passions are innovation, creating new, marketable products and services, and growing startups or expanding already established businesses. I always aim to work towards finding ideas which can help to improve the fast-paced world we live in today. I also thoroughly enjoy learning new skills through reading books from other successful entrepreneurs and ideologists which assist me in continuously improving my abilities to successfully create, deploy and monetize various products and services.

Contact Details:
  • Email: contact@richardfox.com
  • Website: www.richardfox.com

What I'm Doing

My work is my passion and I absolutely love what I do. I take immense pride in every project and when I take on a new venture, I fully immerse myself in it and go all the way.

1. Strategy

I work creatively, developing new ideas and strategies which assist startups and established businesses with reaching their goals and beyond. I develop multi-faceted strategies that reflect the ever-changing world we live in today and I am never afraid to try new and innovative approaches.

2. Branding

I develop brands through a combination of marketing, attractive web design, and building genuine brand trust among the public. My portfolio includes several recognizable brands which I have helped to establish such as Baghunter, Chatrandom, and Chatspin.

3. Web Design

I have a passion for creating beautiful, responsive, and user-friendly online experiences through creative and innovative web design. I always stay on top of the latest web design developments, ensuring my expertise for constructing websites includes cutting-edge layouts, methods, and architecture.

4. Social Media

I utilize the full potential of social media to build brands, generate sales, and establish brand credibility. My social media expertise covers a wide range of platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

5. Development

One of my most challenging but rewarding skills is development. I work closely with numerous startups and established businesses to assist them with reaching their full potential. I combine many of my other skills to create a clear path for development to businesses in a wide variety of industries.

6. Consulting

My proficiency in a wide range of digital skills and techniques have led to my work as a consultant for many new and small- to medium-sized businesses. I assist business with overcoming hurdles and planning strategies for expansion and growth through both proven and inventive digital methods.

My Strengths

Learning more about myself every day is one of my greatest strengths.

Pretty Good


I am lucky to have worked on projects with some incredible people and great minds.

Lorena Group

"Fox is officially the man! His level of professionalism and the understanding of the subject matter is the reason i will be looking forward to working with him in the future."

Eka Sari Lorena President Director
Net TV

"As always Fox did an excellent job in just few hours. Great communication and fast excecution. Thanks for great work :)."

Wishnutama Kusubandio Co-Founder/CEO
MNC Group

"As always, great creative thinking for the best solution. Fox is by far the most professional and knowledgeable provider I worked with. I will hire him again :)."

Hary Tanoesoedibjo President Director
Tuku Baju

"We called on Fox to help us deliver on few projects with tight deadlines. He seamlessly integrated into our workflow and quickly became a key part of our team."

Dewi Pelangi Founder and Chairman
Mustika Ratu

"Fox technical knowledge and branding experience came together and resulted in a site that is not only catching and interesting, but also one that is user-friendly. Thanks!"

Mooryati Soedibyo President Director

Skills & Expertise

I never stop learning, evolving and innovating. My skills are part of who I am.

Angular JS
Cinema 4D
After Effects


My knowledge comes from experience, reading, and networking. I will never stop learning.

Brand Development
Brand Marketing
Web Design & Development
Digital Marketing
Digital Design
Business Strategy


I am extremely proud of my accolades and my ambition drives me to continue adding new achievements to this list.

Marketing Excellence Awards 2017 Excellence in Social Media Marketing
The "Big Idea" Competition 2017 Top 3 Team
Water Seven Art Directors Club Awards 2016 Finalist - Design
Young Guns Award 2015 Finalist - Print Ad Finalist - Digital Campaign

Milestones Achieved

Milestones are there to be passed, re-established, and then passed again.

1278 Happy Clients
342 Brands Grown
146 Websites Designed
14 Successful Business Exits

Work Process

My flexibility when approaching every project ensures consistently supreme results.

Having worked on numerous projects with brands, startups, and businesses, I have learned how to adapt my approach and work process depending on the task at hand. That being said, I try to maintain a basic structure to follow which allows me to identify problems, create strategies, and deploy solutions. This work process includes:

1. Understanding the brand
2. Identifying opportunities
3. Creating strategies
4. Implementing solutions
5. Analyzing results
6. Identifying further opportunities

This process has helped me to build and grow a wide range of highly successful businesses. Throughout my work process, I aim to identify opportunities for unique and innovative solutions which help brands stand out from the ever-increasingly crowded marketplace. Once I have started a project, I am fully committed to achieving all goals and exceeding initial expectations.

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